state of the quaratine

I’m still in it. And I imagine that you are too.

At first, I didn’t think that COVID impacted me much. I stayed inside (I’m socially awkward and a homebody) and that wasn’t much of a big deal. I was actually really productive for most of the year. I felt like I had more time to get things done. Without weekend plans, you have a hell of a lot more time.

But, recently, I think COVID has been kicking my ass. That productivity is on the down slope. I’ve been dragging. It’s one of the reasons why the blog kind of slipped out of my hands for over a month. I didn’t have the fire to get things done. I still don’t always have the will, but I continue to drag through.

I’m empty. The year that I really dedicated to writing was a year full of experiences. We were exploring a new city, I was traveling for work, we were meeting new people, and learning how to live states away from anyone that we knew. It was a wellspring of new experience.

And then it was halted.

I think I rode the wave as long as I could before the tank dropped down to empty. Now, I’m bored. I want to go to restaurants, concerts, shows, and see people. I want to find a neighborhood bar that I can call my own. I want normalcy back.

I know. We all do. It’s not an unpopular sentiment.

However, I think I’m realizing that, despite of social anxiety and tendency toward introversion, I need to get out in the world every once in a while. Those moments and memories are the source of creativity. Adventure and new experience allow the mind to break free from the confines of the day-to-day.

Not easy when work is a Zoom screen and the weekends are spent mostly in the same apartment. Not easy at all.

So, the state of the quarantine? It sucks. But there’s light at the end of the tunnel. So, I’ll stick it out.

For now, we’re planning on doing some camping when the weather breaks. I think that will good. And maybe some hiking too. Soon enough we’ll be out of the house again. Just a matter of time.


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