Obviously, my favorite holiday.

In the time of COVID, it feels a bit wasted this year.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy Halloween because you don’t need a lot of social interaction to make it an enjoyable holiday.

Walk in the woods and look at the changing leaves, watch a horror movie, buy and make sweets, and listen to some spooky music while you do all of it. I think that’s all it takes to really enjoy this time of year.

Fall needs a moment of contemplation and rapt attention. It’s fleeting. It moves so quickly and once all the leaves have fallen and the pumpkins are rotted, there is no going back. We descend into the icy winter hell. No more color, no more fun. Ice and snow and cold.

But I’m also a big proponent of coming together over Halloween.

I love costume parties (hosting and attending). I love a Halloween bar crawl. A costumed jaunt around town with friends.

Friends. Remember those? Remember connecting and laughing and being able to walk into a place without the fear of death?

I digress.

So, Halloween feels a bit wasted this year. For our part, we went out to dinner and got spooky cocktails. We came home and watched Halloween (2018). We even had a visit from our upstairs neighbors with pumpkin themed baked goods.

And for our part, we did what we could. We decorated the house and she packed bags of candy for my partner’s students, our neighbors, and friends at work. We bought candy and I over-indulged in it. There was a lot of horror movie watching. I read some scary books and stories.

It was fun, but it moved fast and now it feels like we lost another holiday to COVID. Another moment slipped by without the ability to take advantage of it.

And it’s fine. I’m lamenting my mundane enjoyment while other people are stuck in the perpetual hell of sickness and death. No, I’m not exaggerating. That’s America now, a diseased pit of death and pain.

But Halloween is still my favorite and I loved every minute that we had to celebrate it. I wish there was more community (even for my introverted, homebody self). But it’ll come around again.

Happy Halloween, everyone.


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