on getting out

As opposed to a lot of people, I’ve found quarantine to be an okay time.

Let me clarify. The world is going to shit and the fact that people don’t take the virus seriously is consistently the most frustrating thing to have to live through. And, yes, we are running up to an election that will really make or break this country. And, yes, its getting cold which means that we are really going to be locked back inside for an entire other year.

But beyond all of that, I’ve found having to stay inside to be okay. I work in the office, so I am lucky enough to get out and see something besides our apartment. We are relatively okay financially, so we don’t have to worry about finances in the ways that many people do right now. We’ve got the comforts of home and then some.

All in all, I’m more of a homebody than most people. I really don’t mind not seeing people and socializing. I don’t think that’s a bad thing. It’s who I am. I try to keep to myself and do the things that I enjoy.

But god damn it is good to get out.

Recently, we had my best friend come and visit for a weekend. It was a much needed break from the continued routine.

We walked the city, explored record stores, indulged in food and alcohol, spent money, and felt like real human beings in a beautiful city during the fall season. It’s crazy that these experiences feel like indulgences when they were common place a year ago.

I guess it’s a testament to what we can adjust to when we are put in circumstances that force us to adjust.

It was important to me, though, because it provides an opportunity to remember why I love where I live and the people I am lucky enough to share my life with. Routine is easy and common and apart of most everyone’s world. However, it is really important to break that routine from time to time and realize the opportunities available outside of the confines of your scheduled, structured world.

For me, it’s a break from writing, editing, and working. And it’s needed. I hate leaving my routines behind. It is always terribly hard to restart them, but the need to restart is a reality check. You have to ask yourself if the things you were doing were worth it. If so, you need to make the commitment and re-engage.

I’m trying to reignite my routines now and it’s hard. Work is busy. I don’t see my partner as much (because she’s busy too) and I’m tired. But we’ll get there.

We’ll have all winter to get there.

Stay safe out there. If you can do it safely, get outside and enjoy the Fall while you can. It’s my favorite season and I hope you find it as fun as I do.


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