the list 2020

As you may already know, I create a horror movie list every year in celebration of October and Halloween.

I’ve written about this before, but I don’t remember what I put in the original post. There may be repetition in this entry, but I don’t care. It’s a year apart.

This year’s list does have a bit of a theme. It’s mostly “my partner hasn’t seen these films.” And that’s it.

Sometimes, I end up going very in depth and trying to form the list around a specific type of sub-genre or time period. And this exercise can be a bit cumbersome. I end up in my head and stressing about something that should be fun. So, this year I pretty much dropped the parameters that I set out for myself in favor of making a list of movies my partner would be interested in.

The list is below. And I will say that most of these films came from a BuzzFeed quiz we did together. It made my life easier and I think it turned out to be a strong, fulsome list of frights for the coming fall. I’m excited.

  1. It Follows
  2. The Cabin in the Woods
  3. The Babadook
  4. Alien
  5. The Descent
  6. Jennifer’s Body
  7. You’re Next
  8. A Nightmare on Elm Street 1 & 2
  9. The Sixth Sense
  10. Get Out
  11. Us
  12. Jacob’s Ladder
  13. Insidious
  14. Orphan
  15. The Strangers
  16. Cabin Fever
  17. The Babysitter 2: Killer Queen

I would say that this year’s list tends to be a bit more rooted in current/modern horror films. I’m all for 70s and 80s horror. She isn’t so much. I think that’s okay. I also have a lot of love for modern horror and this list represents a lot of movies that I’ve simply neglected (You’re Next and Jennifer’s Body).

I do think there is a bit of a theme forming here. For the most part, these film’s are very female oriented. The Final Girl comes to mind and I think that is represented here. But I think I see more than the slasher trope.

There are also some repeats from last year on here (Nightmare on Elm Street). We didn’t get to the whole list in 2019, so I’m hoping we can prioritize those films and make sure to knock them out this year.

Otherwise, I think we’ve got a strong selection here. I hope whatever you’re watching is exciting and horrific. Happy Fall, friends.


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