on what comes next

I know I’ve been making a big stink about the novella. There’s been a ton of posts and, frankly, I feel like I’ve maybe overdone it on the coverage of one project.

But whatever. It’s also my first real big writing piece. Maybe someone will benefit from the thoughts that I put down. I don’t know.

But I am here today thinking about what comes next. As soon as I hit save and closed the document, I was faced with the same anxiety that I am always dealing with when I finish a project. Novella or short story. It doesn’t matter. If I hit save, I am already worried about what I am going to write next.

So, that’s the simple and complicated truth about what comes next.

More writing. Duh.

But what writing?

Until last night, I couldn’t have told you. I took a couple days off after ending the big project. I felt like I had earned that much. For those two days, though, I had no ideas. Nothing. Not even a potential thought. Obviously, I was panicking.

But I knew that today I was going to write. There was no getting out of it or trying to put it off. The work is the work. It needs to get done and routine is how I do it.

And, like it was meant to happen, an idea came. And it’s a good one. Is it the best story idea I’ve ever had? No. Probably not. But it’s good and I like it and I think it would be fun and challenging to write.

So, what comes next? More writing.

When you are trying to improve and create and (I’m about to sound pompous) be an artist, the art always needs to follow the art. You don’t get to produce things and walk away and wait for the muse to tell you it’s time to get back at the keyboard. That’s a lie. No one gets you to the work but you. Plain and simple.

Tonight, I am going to sit down to another blank page and I am going to fill it with at least 250 words. There’s no other way to go about it.

And, for your reference, the day after I ended the big project I received a rejection letter. Is there a better chain of events to exemplify the life of a writer? Probably not.

It is good and bad. Joy and pain. Challenging and simple. It is filled with defeat and, sometimes, victory.


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