summer’s dead, man

Okay. So, the summer is almost over. Well, not completely, but it is getting closer every day and time seems to work different in a pandemic. So, I think it’s important to start thinking about summing up this mad, hot, fast, and loose summer that I’ve had.


I know that a lot of people have not had the energy to do things outside of normal life during a pandemic. The general overall feeling of “what the actual fuck” that we live in is a draining state. I get that.

However, I was productive.

I’m not saying that to shame anyone or to make it seem like my approach was the “proper” way of dealing with the American shit storm. Actually, I think it’s the opposite.

I have a potentially mentally harmful ability to separate myself from things that weigh to heavily on me. If I don’t do this type of distancing, I end up feeling a bit crush under the weight of my own crazy ass brain.

Did I ignore the pandemic? Did I ignore the BLM protests? Did I forget to be human because I deliberately pulled myself away from being too involved in the hugely significant cultural and national challenges that we face? No.

I’m up on the news and the pandemic and the dumbasses who refuse to wear masks. Trust me. I got that shit loud and clear in my mind.

But I’ve also been able to create a degree of separation between it and me. Is that a privilege? You better believe it is. The chances of a cop leaning his knee on my neck for over 8 minutes is about the same as me getting struck by lightening while safely hiding in an underground bunker. That’s not because I’m a tough guy. That’s because I’m a blonde headed white male.

That’s not counting the fact that I have not been laid off or anything regarding finances.

So, yes. I admit that I have an ability to step away (at least partially) and to continue my work.

Is that a good thing? Jury’s out. For me, yes. I need that degree of removal or my brain goes nuts. Would the world be better if I was more involved and engaged? I don’t know. Probably.

But I can only speak to what I’ve done and this has been a hugely productive summer. Here’s a quick list:

  • We moved to a bigger house
  • I finally saw my family after about a year of not seeing them
  • My partner found and started a new job
  • I’ve had one short story published and another accepted
  • I earned my first (it was a very small sum) payment for a story
  • I’m within two books of my yearly reading goal with time to spare
  • We started to learn about and watch baseball (Go Red Sox)
  • Even in the pandemic, I’ve managed to keep up a modified (and, unfortunately, lighter) workout routine
  • At least 500 words a day on most days of the week
  • Halfway through a novella that I started in June

I know there’s still some time left, but I am all about reflection. It’s important to look back and I am hoping to do a ton more stuff before the end of September.

If you are struggling, please don’t see this list as an indictment into you or your situation. I’m only sharing what I’ve managed. It’s never a comparison or competition.


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