I had a strange moment not too long ago.

This is going to sound dumb, but I had people who enjoyed one of the stories that I was able to get published. I probably sound like a noob. But I’ve never had anyone outside of my immediate familial/friend circle really express interest or enjoyment for my writing.

Let me tell you, it’s a strange feeling.

I also want to be frank. These readers that I am talking about came from Twitter. No one is writing me fan letters. They are a couple of quick comments.

But they were comments and they were positive and they were for my story. Isn’t that crazy?

Often, I think of writing as an isolated act. I’m in my house writing stories and submitting them through email. I’m not interacting with people. The editor that I work with will sometimes read through a draft of a piece, but that isn’t really the norm anymore.

It’s me and the keyboard and the faceless magazines or e-journals that I submit to. But there is another part of the equation. There are readers.

I think any writer who is telling you that they aren’t interested in writing for readers is lying. I’m sure that there are some overly pompous writers who do it “for the craft” or something along those lines. I’m far from that nonsense.

I want people to read the things that I write. I want them to enjoy them and I hope that it brings them a break from their day-to-day. If they don’t like what I’ve written, that’s okay. But I would hope that there are people that will like the things that I’ve worked on.

In my case, I had two people take the time to say that they liked what I’d written. At first, I passed it off as nothing special. I guess I wasn’t used to it. But then I started thinking about it. People are very willing to be negative online. It’s not as common for people to be positive. And I was lucky enough to receive that positivity.

I think that’s a victory.



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