doom metal, man. doom metal

I’ve been listening to it a lot lately and I don’t know why. I guess I can’t help but be comforted by the hard, slow driving beat that sounds like the coming apocalypse.

Makes me want to run Mad Max wild and start doing some Road Warriors shit.

But for real, this post is just a throwaway. I needed to grease my wheels with something, so there’s Doom Metal because why not.

Sometimes, you need to just lean back and let the chaos wash over you.

It is important to let go sometimes. I currently feel like I have a thousand things breathing down my neck. Deadlines, a written work, and a job that is getting busier. I have friends to appease and a partner to love.

There are moments throughout the day that I just wish I had a moment to sit back and breath it out for an hour or so. I mean, I want nothing but breaths and maybe some music to appease me. That doesn’t happen as often as I would like anymore.

Here’s a weird fact: my record player used to help me with this need. Put on a record and you have an excuse to listen to it.

Now, not so much.

There’s a price to ambition and work. You end up chipping away at the things that you enjoy as hobbies.

So, I guess the point of this post is to remember the small things that make you happy. And more importantly, the things that give you a moment to pause, to lean back, and to let yourself feel free for a moment.



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