new year’s resolution

The idea of a New Year’s resolution is pretty cool. You literally start a new year with a new idea or habit or want or process and try to carry it out for as long as you can, with the hope being that it becomes permanent.

Just because it sounds cool doesn’t make it easy. I’ve tried and failed at a ton of New Year’s resolutions. And not for lack of trying. They’ve ranged from quitting smoking (actually did that, but not through a New Year’s res) to making sure to brush my teeth before bed (it never caught on).

This year, I have a different resolution. It’s simple and should be easy, but I think it will be more complicated than I am predicting.

The Resolution: Listen to 2-3 NEW Albums Every Week.

It’s going to suck for a few reason. First, I am a curmudgeon and I’ve realized that the older I get the more I am likely to cling to the albums that came out when I was in my teenage years, because THAT WAS REAL MUSIC! (It wasn’t. I mean it was, but just because it came out when I was a teen doesn’t make it more or less real) Second, I am absolutely and utterly dumb when it comes to music. I don’t have the depth of catalog of some music nerds and I always find it hard to know where to start. Finally, I am addicted to podcasts and I spend nearly all of my ears-in-headphones time listening to that audio crack.

So, yeah. It’s going to be a hard process.

But I hope it will be worth it.

I really do love music. I dig the blues and I have a pretty strong depth of knowledge in that genre, but I need to spread my wings, man. I need to fly! And I need to recommit myself to something that brought me endless joy when I was younger.

I remember having a CD Walkman in the back of the car, headphones in, watching the world go past. Music is an escape, and indulgence, and a beautiful art that should be appreciated.

So, here we go. At the time I am writing this post, I haven’t figure out exactly how I am going to find the 2-3 albums a week needed to complete this challenge. But I’ll figure it out. I may end up using one of those lists of the 100 albums to listen to before you die. Who knows?

I’ll also try to keep the blog updated with what I’m piping into my ears. I don’t want to over-post the subject, but I’ll find a way to interject the albums. Maybe I’ll just make monthly recaps.

Good luck with whatever it is that you are planning. I hope it works for you. It takes three weeks to generate a habit. I hope the new habit your generating is healthy.


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