the to be read list…

I think anyone who reads often ends up with an insanely long “to be read” list. It’s one of the fortunate and unfortunate aspects of being a constant reader. There is always something new or undiscovered or discovered but not a priority right now…

My list changes constantly and it’s largely dictated by the mood I’m in or the genre I feel like I need to explore. Sometimes, I need to read short stories to inform how I want to write a short story. Sometimes, I need to read a non-fiction book to break a cycle of one particular genre. The most unpredictable aspect of my life is the circumstances that make up my current “to be read” list.

That said, I’ve listed out the books that I read over the summer awhile ago and wanted to to publish the current list of books that I’m trying to read. In the spirit of openness and fairness, I will also list the book(s) that I am currently reading…

Currently Being Read:

  1. Doctor Sleep – Stephen King
    • I usually return to a King book a few times a year. He’s written so many that it’s easy to drop in a new one or an old favorite. I threw this one in the ring, because the movie is out and I want to see it. It’s hard for me to watch a movie based on a book without reading the book first. I need to envision the characters before I see them on the screen. Thus, I had no choice but to slot Doctor Sleep into my life.
      • Another note: The Shining is one of those novels that infects me with dread. Returning to the Overlook in Doctor Sleep is not easy, but King is a reliable guide.
  2. I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead: The Life and Times of Warren ZevonCrystal Zevon
    • Zevon’s biography is my subway/train book. That category doesn’t mean it is any less important. It comes down to the fact that Doctor Sleep is a big-ass novel and I own it in hardcover and I’m not carting that weight around through my commute and I’m damn sure not buying it again on Kindle. Anyway, I’m a big fan of Warren Zevon and I’ve recently been listening to him a lot. I figured it was the right time to absorb his story.
      • Cool Fun Fact: Doctor Sleep is dedicated to Warren Zevon

The “To Be Read” Pile:

  1. The Time of Contempt (The Witcher Book 2) – Andrzej Sapkowski
    • I love the Witcher series. It’s amazing. I’m very excited for the show, so I’ve slowly been making my way through the saga in anticipation. 
  2. Before They Are Hanged (The First Law Trilogy Book 2) –  Joe Abercrombie
    • I picked up The Blade Itself (the first book in this series) on a whim. It was not a mistake. Such a good fantasy story line. Highly recommend.
  3. The Fisherman – John Langan
    • This one is a new addition to the list. Been meaning to work through Langan since I interviewed an author that raved about him.
  4. The Croning – Laird Baron
    • Another recommendation from previously noted author. Looking to expand my lens for modern horror. I’ve read about 90% of the “classic” horror novels. Now, I’m trying to make sure that I am inclusive of those that are working today.
  5. The Beautiful Think that Awaits Us All – Laird Baron
    • This book is a collection of short stories. I want to read it to think about craft and to see how others are doing it successfully.

On looking at this list, I’m seeing a lot of white dudes. I think this is a note-to-self moment. Definitely need to broaden my horizons and read a bit more diversely in the future. Any reader/writer should too. There is always more to learn…



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