boston on foot

20190914_144450 (1)My best friend came to visit for the premiere of IT Chapter Two a while back. While he was in town, I tried to plan the perfect “remember when we were in college” event schedule. None of it worked, we got rained on, and IT Chapter Two was of questionable quality.

But the great thing about a best friend is that none of that stuff really matters. We had a good time and, eventually, we smoked some hookah.

My advice: Maybe don’t smoke hookah after the age of 25.

First, the effects on your lungs are pretty instantaneous and I felt like my chest was tight for three days.

Second, hookah is actually really terrible for you. Even if that one guy that used to sell you weed tells you that it’s a “lighter” smoke and “better” than cigarettes, it’s still terrible.

That’s my PSA. But that hookah was awesome and damn worth it.

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