me and the punks

ab67706f000000027c704ed09b19a9f3c96b557fIt’s not often that I find a playlist that perfectly fits the time or situation that I find myself in. Furthermore, I tend to stay away from Spotify playlists. Part of it is that I’m becoming the old person who doesn’t appreciate new music (scorn me if you wish). The other part is that I like to think that I actually produce good playlists on my own, so I shouldn’t need Spotify to tell me what goes where.

The truth is that I’m actually terrible about making playlists. I have a limited knowledge of music. I don’t know how to make a theme continue throughout an entire track list. Look at this website. I’m all over the place.

Classic Punk, however, has been scratching an itch that I didn’t know needed scratching. I pop this bad boy on during my walk home and I’m feeling like a bad ass, while I pass tourists and try to get home quickly to start cooking my black bean burgers.

A punk, I am not. But I don’t think that matters.

I recently had the opportunity to interview an author for a website that I write for frequently. He’s an award winner, with a great reputation, and over a decade of experience in writing and publishing. But if you asked him if he could have another path he’d say, Punk Rock Guitarist.

No kidding.

So, we talked about all the stuff your supposed to talk about in an interview. But he also turned me on to some new and old punk music. My Spotify algorithm then generated Classic Punk as a playlist of interest and here we are.

So, do what you’re gonna do. I’ll be dodging tourists, while blasting Dead Kennedys.


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